Reasons why working from home is the best

If you ask anyone who has decided to work from home how it turned out for them, they would without a doubt tell you that “it is not for everyone”. What they mean by this is that working from home takes a bit of time to get used to it and you could also use some discipline, or else you may never get things done on time. But the truth is that working from home has a lot of advantages.

Here are only some of them.

First of all, working from home is cheap. If you own a business, then you will surely appreciate the fact that you don’t have to rent an office and buy office equipment. Your personal laptop and printer will do the trick just fine. Apart from that, the money you will save on gas is also an advantage.

And talking about an annoying commute, apart from saving money, you also save time. There is no need for you to waste two hours of your time each day just to get to and get back home from work. Do I also need to mention how “comfortable” public transport can be sometimes? So, instead of wasting money and time, you can enjoy a comfortable experience, working from home.

Speaking of comfort, how does working in your favorite pair of sweatpants sound?

That’s something you can do every day. I’m sure that the ladies will appreciate this more than the guys. Imagine waking up in the morning, taking a shower, having a cup of coffee and something to eat and then simply getting to work. No on the run make up sessions, no uncomfortable shoes, no need to worry that you wore the same outfit twice this week, just put on your sweatpants and get to work.

One other great thing about working from home is the schedule.

If you are most creative at odd hours, just walk in your office and do your thing. Nobody will mind that it’s 11 pm or 3 am, you can work whenever you want. And closely related to this is also the childcare issue. If you have kids, you can spend as much time as you want with them. You can even homeschool your kids and work while they do their homework! Nothing is impossible.

Another thing I’ve come to appreciate about working from home is the fact that you

can do pretty much anything without the fear of bothering someone else. Usually, if you work in an office there are certain rules when it comes to music, to food, to attire and so on. Working at home means that those barriers are long gone. If you want to eat at your desk, go ahead and eat at your desk. If you want to blast ACDC from your speakers, go ahead, no one will mind (except for neighbours with poor taste in music).

So there you have it! Only some of the reasons why working from home is the best!