Carpet cleaning tricks

Of course we’ve all had accidents involving some kind of substance that leaves an awful stain and our carpets. In time, we’ve all learned (especially on the hard way) that rubbing the carpet is a terrible idea, that not all cleaning products actually work, and that blotting is the way to go! However, there are still a lot of tips and tricks most of us are not yet familiar with, so here is a list of most common stains and the most effective ways to get rid of them.

  1. Candy

Sure, raising kids is a lovely thing, but it surely comes with some downsides. One of them is candy stuck in the carpet. This is just lovely! What you need to do is to simply scrape the candy with something like a butter knife or a spotter brush. Once the main part of the annoying stickiness is gone, you will, of course, have to deal with the part that actually got stuck and embedded in the carpet. Keep in mind that candy is basically some kind of sugar. Sugar is soluble in water, so that’s pretty much all you need to do in order to deal with this. However, you will need to be incredibly thorough. If you won’t do a good job cleaning the candy you can bet it will act like a magnet for all the dirt and debris due to its stickiness. So take your time and soak the stain in water, until you make sure there is no sugar left in the fibers of the carpet. Or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company. If you are worried about the cost price, there are tons of carpet promotions you can find on groupon or similar providers. However, make sure not to rub, because you will only damage the area surrounding the stain, which will definitely make it even more visible.

  1. Stains caused by pets

Of course your dog is house broken! Of course you took time out of your busy schedule to teach it where it is and where it isn’t okay to go. However, accidents do happen. And if you just go you puppy, then brace yourself, there will be a lot of cleaning up after it. The best fix for these accidents are organic cleaners. Although it may sound fancy or hard to find, these organic cleaners are only about $10 a bottle. What you need to do is to simply spray the problem – area. Let it soak for a little bit then start gently rubbing the stain. Yes, there will be some scrubbing involved, just to make sure that you got all the dirt out. When you are done, wipe up the cleaner with some paper towels or with a cloth. Oh, and one more thing: these ecofriendly products are also great for cleaning other stains such as coffee or tomato sauces.

  1. Blood

The most effective way to get rid of blood stains is to use hydrogen peroxide. Simply soak the stain, let the peroxide work its magic then wipe everything. You will get rid of that obvious stain in no time!