About Me

So here it is…

I am a working Mom with 2 kids and have made a decision a couple of years ago to work from home…


Work from home! Even though this sounds to some like almost impossible, yet I have achieved it.. and i am making it my mission to help others … just like me .. who have the desire to work from home and ear a decent income while taking care of their family.

Working from home is not for everyone.

Why am i saying that ?

Because it requires a lot of discipline, focus, determination and mostly ability to not socialize during your work time. This means you are sitting at home, and not interacting with many people around you.

Some people will find that not fun and depressing… But what deter others is a blessing to some. In my world of working from home, i get to take care of my kids, have no corporate rules, have no boss and mostly manage my own time and career.

I don’t have to be a victim of a corporate world where they are dictating to me my worth!

If you are like me, have the same ambition to work from home, or even travel the world while working from home, work from anywhere and dress how you wish, then please join my blog and send us your success story if you have one, and if you don’t … don’t worry about it.. this blog is here to help people like you and provide insight and views of others doing just the same like me and how they made it !

So thank you for joining this blog and i look forward to your comments and stories!

Lets make it together a better world and enjoy our short lives on it. read my blog here.