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Tips For Working From Home Efficiently

Here are some tips that might help you work better from home, stay work motivated and work more efficiently and effectively.

Working from home can be the best thing that can happen to someone though it has its challenges and its needs.

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Things to have in your home pharmacy

We have all heard at least once that prevention is better than cure. For instance, being able to respond quickly to small symptoms of illnesses can indeed be of great help and counter a possible deterioration of a family member health while it’s still possible. This is the reason why every house should have a small pharmacy or box specially dedicated to pills and other type of medication.

Where to start?

Well, there are a few categories to identify before starting your collection:

Pain and fever medications are one of the simplest to have from your nearby pharmacy. However, do not forget that the prescription can change if you are thinking about curing a child or an adult. These medicines exist in different strengths

Antiseptic solutions can be used straight forward when having to care for small cuts and wounds. These should be carefully cleansed also prior to treatment so your pharmacy should have hydrogen peroxide or equivalent solutions.

Topical Antibiotics are nice to have too! They exist in any form and all are considered equally efficacious for the prevention and treatment of minor skin infections. Some topical antibiotics are better for burns so better distinguish your ointment carefully in your cabinet

Stomach and Intestinal Disorders can be the most common form of illness that you will be facing to better include a good stool softener or a mild laxative

Hydrocortisone is the category which can be seen in creams or ointments and be used whenever you’ll have to deal with itching or simply against mosquito bites. Similarly, if you can see that your family is regularly exposed to athlete’s feet or fungal diaper rashes, then consider having some antifungal medications too

Decongestants are clues to peaceful sleeps whenever you are having a stuffy or congested nose. They also drain mucous, so better not taking them at night and prefer a day use when you can blow your nose! On the other hand consider also having some antihistamines to help dry up a running nose! But don’t play by alternating decongestants and antihistamines!

Cough medicines can be quite common too and their nature can be identified as either expectorants or suppressants. Do not mix or interchange the medicine intake unless you can see that there is a change in illness. Keep in mind also that coughing is a NORMAL reaction so do not panic and start treating a coughing person as from his first cough!

At last, consider having some band-aids of all types and gauze dressings, paper tape if possible. Depending on the health background of the family, you can go for more specific medicines such as eye drops or nasal sprays, aspirin or vitamins, etc. Knowing your family is essential and orienting the list regarding their direct needs should be your major concern.

However, though it might be good to be 100% prepared to look after the ones we love and treat most common symptoms, we should bear in mind that self-medication must not be considered as the ultimate solution against all type of illnesses. It’s good to read what you can find on internet but makings one’s own idea about a situation based on number of comments you can have on a forum will never be comparable to the diagnosis of a certified practitioner.


Carpet cleaning tricks

Of course we’ve all had accidents involving some kind of substance that leaves an awful stain and our carpets. In time, we’ve all learned (especially on the hard way) that rubbing the carpet is a terrible idea, that not all cleaning products actually work, and that blotting is the way to go! However, there are still a lot of tips and tricks most of us are not yet familiar with, so here is a list of most common stains and the most effective ways to get rid of them.

  1. Candy

Sure, raising kids is a lovely thing, but it surely comes with some downsides. One of them is candy stuck in the carpet. This is just lovely! What you need to do is to simply scrape the candy with something like a butter knife or a spotter brush. Once the main part of the annoying stickiness is gone, you will, of course, have to deal with the part that actually got stuck and embedded in the carpet. Keep in mind that candy is basically some kind of sugar. Sugar is soluble in water, so that’s pretty much all you need to do in order to deal with this. However, you will need to be incredibly thorough. If you won’t do a good job cleaning the candy you can bet it will act like a magnet for all the dirt and debris due to its stickiness. So take your time and soak the stain in water, until you make sure there is no sugar left in the fibers of the carpet. Or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company. If you are worried about the cost price, there are tons of carpet promotions you can find on groupon or similar providers. However, make sure not to rub, because you will only damage the area surrounding the stain, which will definitely make it even more visible.

  1. Stains caused by pets

Of course your dog is house broken! Of course you took time out of your busy schedule to teach it where it is and where it isn’t okay to go. However, accidents do happen. And if you just go you puppy, then brace yourself, there will be a lot of cleaning up after it. The best fix for these accidents are organic cleaners. Although it may sound fancy or hard to find, these organic cleaners are only about $10 a bottle. What you need to do is to simply spray the problem – area. Let it soak for a little bit then start gently rubbing the stain. Yes, there will be some scrubbing involved, just to make sure that you got all the dirt out. When you are done, wipe up the cleaner with some paper towels or with a cloth. Oh, and one more thing: these ecofriendly products are also great for cleaning other stains such as coffee or tomato sauces.

  1. Blood

The most effective way to get rid of blood stains is to use hydrogen peroxide. Simply soak the stain, let the peroxide work its magic then wipe everything. You will get rid of that obvious stain in no time!


Home Remedies for Clogged Plumbing Lines

When one is living in a family, then it’s the responsibility of everyone to keep the house clean and hygienic. Keeping your plumbing lines unclogged and clean is a major part of house maintenance. Hence in the longer run you will be able to prevent any chances of major blockages. Of course it is ideal to seek the help of professional plumbers when one is facing water and pipe leakage problems. However with some do-it-yourself steps, you can solve few problems.

Use manual or mechanical corkscrew

The first step in cleaning the plumbing lines is to find the source of blockage or clog. For example if you face some problems then the check the main line. Now when you are planning to clean the drain try to buy manual or mechanical corkscrew, or augers which are also called as drain snakes. You can find the required tools from your nearby home improvement or hardware store. Mechanical auger is powered by an electric motor while in the manual auger; one has to rotate the auger manually. First remove the clean-out plugs and then use the auger. Repeat the use of auger and feed it further down the drain. Keep pulling the manual auger up and down the drain until the clog is removed.

To remove debris pour hot boiling water

You can wash down all the debris that been accumulated in the drain pipes, by pouring hot boiling water down the drain pipe for around 20 minutes. Check if the water goes smoothly down the drain without any interruption. If not, use the auger to repeat the process of clearing the debris. Generally hot water removes all the buildup debris, allowing the debris to pass through the drain smoothly, without sticking to the sides of the pipes.

Use chemical drain cleaning process

You can also try using chemical drain cleaners, to clean the drain outlets or plumbing pipes. Buy the solution from one of the chemical oil store or housing hardware store. Wear your gloves, till your elbow and pour the chemical drain cleaner directly into the opening of the pipe or drain. Follow the instructions written on the product. Allow the chemical to set in the drains. It can take 10 minutes to maximum an hour for the chemical to flow through the drain and clear it up. Try using vinegar and baking soda as they are great natural cleaner.

How to maintain an unclogged drain

Now you do not want to go through the whole mess-up process again, once you have disposed of the awful clog. It is mandatory that you remove all the debris from the kitchen sink and always maintain it neat and tidy. If by chance you have no garbage disposal facility, then before you wash your plates, remove all the waste items from them. This works very well as it prevents your sink from getting clogged. Once in a month sure some vinegar or baking soda to breakdown all the waste stuck in the pipes of your sink.