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Tips For Working From Home Efficiently

Here are some tips that might help you work better from home, stay work motivated and work more efficiently and effectively.

Working from home can be the best thing that can happen to someone though it has its challenges and its needs.


How to find a new hobby

“What are your hobbies?” So many people respond that by saying “When I was young I used to…”. Whatever the hobby was, dance, sport, painting, reading, etc…, you quickly understand that they don’t do it anymore. Why? The possible reasons are as numerous as those hobbies: the person is physically impaired for that activity; the hobby costs too much; not enough time for it; what was once a hobby has become a full time job and is way less fun now. Instead of giving up, it’s perhaps just the right time for find a new hobby.

One of the easiest things to do is to find a hobby in relation to the ones you used to have. You liked to practice a sport, but can’t anymore, try to become a coach. You loved painting, but don’t have money for expensive material, buy some cheap drawing stuff, try scrapbooking or photography.

If you have absolutely no idea of what activity would please you, find initiation courses of basically anything. You may turn out to be really bad at it, but there is a chance that you discover a hidden talent. Sometimes, even if you are not really good at something, you enjoy doing it and being around people with the same degree of expertise as you, that is zero, may be a good start. If you don’t like what you tries, drop it! And try something else!

Take in consideration your personality. You are impulsive and impatient? Sewing is the last thing you should consider. You have an unconditional love for small details? Consider building model airplanes. The most important is to do something that you like and feel good doing.

You can also thing about what you liked to do as a child. Remember what activities made you happy no matter what your parents, your friends, your teachers said. If you liked to ride your bicycle, you could buy one and go discover a park or even the streets of your city from a different point of view. If you have awesome memories of you playing with plasticine, buy some clay to see if you still have the special touch.

Some people not only like to be around others, they need it. Find some friends who would love to discover a new restaurant every month, or a new book, or a new pub.

You could join a club. You can find people to discuss about nearly anything nowadays, from comic books to WW2.

Take into consideration what you value. If education is important to you, you could find a great satisfaction in helping other people to read. You may find giving your time to those in need very fulfilling and purposeful.

Never forget that Internet is your friend. Youtube is full of How to videos. Watch some of them randomly and if anything catch your attention try to do it. You could find out that you really like floral arrangements, or pastry, or recycling old furniture. Perhaps all you needed was clear instructions and tips to do those things easily and quickly.

Last of all, always say “yes”. Would you like to do some camping this week-end? Yes. I need some help to refurbish my garden, would you help me? Yes. I’ve started drama courses, they are great, and would you like to join? Yes. A simple yes can offer endless possibilities.


The popular motivation myths that should be ignored

Motivation is a term that is most widely debated and used in the world. It is required by most of us, but misconception, misunderstanding and myths always drove us away from the motivation. There is nothing much complex to the motivation; it is just a push that can come from anywhere and anyone. However, you often miss the opportunity to get motivated because of some myths that you assume to be the truth. So, let’s discuss the myths around the motivation, so as to make the process of motivation even easier.

You should be positive enough to be motivated

Well, I guess this is the biggest ever myth that is possible for motivation. The majority of the motivation you receive when you are not at all positive. The job of motivation is to keep you on the side of the positivity. However, people often consider that positive attitude helps to be motivated. If you believe so and trying to be positive all the time, then it is good for you and you actually do not need a motivation. The myth has acted as the motivation for you and you are becoming positive now.

You should be motivated before commencing

Motivation is a spontaneous process and that can happen at any point of time. There is no motivation required for any commencement and start in life. There are no guidelines required basically for motivation. You might require it right after the start or in the half way mark. This is something on can’t tell, but you need it in order to go ahead in life in a smoother and better way.


Motivation does not require a clear Goal

This is just the clear violation of the motivational process. To get motivated, you need to have some goals. If you do not have a goal then there is no need of motivation. There is a famous saying that a stupid man is the happiest. Motivation only requires to those who are craving for something to achieve and, unfortunately, is far from it. The more you are clear about your goal; the better will be your chances to get motivated.

Motivation is nothing but will power

Well, there is no similarity between the two even though they often sound the same. Will Power is the tendency to achieve and do hard work and motivation helps you to achieve the will power.

Motivation is just a spark that makes you realize what you are and what you can achieve. It is not a process; it helps you to be in the process.

You should be motivated all the time

It might sound pretty good, but it is actually not realistic. You often come across challenges and hurdles in life and you need to get motivated to overcome those pretty easily. In the majority of the cases, you can’t be motivated all the time. This is the reason why you should be motivated. If somebody can remain motivated all the time, he will never require it. But life is not so simple, it often makes you feel the way, you never want to.

The more you are clear of the myth; the better will be your attitude towards motivation and life.