Home Remedies for Clogged Plumbing Lines

When one is living in a family, then it’s the responsibility of everyone to keep the house clean and hygienic. Keeping your plumbing lines unclogged and clean is a major part of house maintenance. Hence in the longer run you will be able to prevent any chances of major blockages. Of course it is ideal to seek the help of professional plumbers when one is facing water and pipe leakage problems. However with some do-it-yourself steps, you can solve few problems.

Use manual or mechanical corkscrew

The first step in cleaning the plumbing lines is to find the source of blockage or clog. For example if you face some problems then the check the main line. Now when you are planning to clean the drain try to buy manual or mechanical corkscrew, or augers which are also called as drain snakes. You can find the required tools from your nearby home improvement or hardware store. Mechanical auger is powered by an electric motor while in the manual auger; one has to rotate the auger manually. First remove the clean-out plugs and then use the auger. Repeat the use of auger and feed it further down the drain. Keep pulling the manual auger up and down the drain until the clog is removed.

To remove debris pour hot boiling water

You can wash down all the debris that been accumulated in the drain pipes, by pouring hot boiling water down the drain pipe for around 20 minutes. Check if the water goes smoothly down the drain without any interruption. If not, use the auger to repeat the process of clearing the debris. Generally hot water removes all the buildup debris, allowing the debris to pass through the drain smoothly, without sticking to the sides of the pipes.

Use chemical drain cleaning process

You can also try using chemical drain cleaners, to clean the drain outlets or plumbing pipes. Buy the solution from one of the chemical oil store or housing hardware store. Wear your gloves, till your elbow and pour the chemical drain cleaner directly into the opening of the pipe or drain. Follow the instructions written on the product. Allow the chemical to set in the drains. It can take 10 minutes to maximum an hour for the chemical to flow through the drain and clear it up. Try using vinegar and baking soda as they are great natural cleaner.

How to maintain an unclogged drain

Now you do not want to go through the whole mess-up process again, once you have disposed of the awful clog. It is mandatory that you remove all the debris from the kitchen sink and always maintain it neat and tidy. If by chance you have no garbage disposal facility, then before you wash your plates, remove all the waste items from them. This works very well as it prevents your sink from getting clogged. Once in a month sure some vinegar or baking soda to breakdown all the waste stuck in the pipes of your sink.