How to Remove Pet Urine Stains and Odour from Carpet

Pet urinating in the carpet is nothing new. The sooner we act on it, the easier it is to remove it from the carpet. The worst part of such stain is that it comes with odor as well. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, we find an existing urine stain on the carpet. It can be very difficult to remove messes done earlier. But how to act on it? There are few things that can be effectively done to ensure that the stains and odor are gone easily.

New Stain

The new stains can be very irritating to clean. However, the first thing that we should do is to get a clean cloth and soak up as much pet urine as possible. You can put paper towels, newspapers and baby pee pad to form a thick well for absorbing. This should be done at around the wet area. This area should be padded for some time. This process should be done repeatedly to ensure the area is a bit damped. It should be rinsed with cool and clean water after that. This should be blot dried after that.


The set-in-stains are more difficult to remove. Sometimes, the stains go unnoticed for a long time. However, we need to ensure that the location is found. The stains leave quite a significant mark on the carpet. A strong carpet cleaner can be an option to apply to the stained area. This could help the stain to remove. The odor neutralizer is also found in the market and that could be applied to the impacted area. This would ensure that the stain is removed and the odor is also neutralized.

Even though we can follow the practices, but people still end up with some basic questions regarding the solutions that can be used for stain removal. There are various options available. Few are commercial and can be bought from the stores, and there are homemade solutions as well. Here are a few of the most effective solutions for stain removal from pet urine.

Stain Remover

There is various stain remover available in the market that can be bought from the market. These are equally effective and can be applied to the impacted area slowly. However, ensure the best quality product is purchased. There is a remover that can actually fade the carpet as well when applied directly. The best way is to dilute the solution and apply it.

Homemade Solution

If you are not sure about the store-bought solution, then homemade options are also available. One can use baking soda along with vinegar for very effective results. White Vinegar can be sprinkled over the stain followed by baking soda. The area should be covered with a towel for drying and must be left for a day. After a day, just rinse with cool water and blot dry it.

Dishwashing detergent with warm water can be sprayed on the stain as well and then towel dry it for better results.

Removing Pet Urine stain can be very easy if the processes are followed.