Toronto Travel Tips

Toronto is one of the most popular tourist destination of modern times. Each year thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful sights of this city. If you are planning your next trip to a terrific destination whether for a honeymoon after a wedding or just for tourism, Toronto should be on the list. You always need a plan when travelling to an unknown location. Most trips out of the country are short and without proper planning, you may waster those times. Proper planning will save your money and time. So here are some Toronto travel tips for you if you are planning a visit:

Visiting CN Tower

The CN Tower of Toronto is one of the most popular tourist attraction. This place is full of crowd most of the time. This tower is open for all around the year and the visiting time is 9am to 10pm. So here are some tips if you want to visit this spectacular modern architecture

  • Be there as early as you can, 8am will be a suitable time for you. It is unknown to most tourist that during season, this tower will be opened at 8am. You can also visit their website to find out the opening time. As the days goes by, there will be long line for ticket and you don’t want to waste time waiting on that line.
  • Each observation posts of this tower will have a different cost. If you buy the tickets from their website, it will cost less. Buying tickets in person will waste your time and also the ticket price is also higher.

So there are basically to tips you have to follow while visiting the CN tower, you have to be there as early as possible and buy the tickets online to save money and time.

Toronto Sight Seeing

Sightseeing in Toronto is of the most favorite activity for tourists here. You have to see the beautiful neighborhood of Toronto. There is bus service all over Toronto and it is the best mean of transportation in terms of expense. You will also find tour guide in those bus service and it cost minimum to seek consultation from them. A Cruise bus service will allow you to visit different parts of this city which will impossible to visit within your budget. You can book your ticket online as each of these company has their own website.

Toronto Island Airport

One of the most spectacular place in Toronto to visit. This place is widely known as the island airport mainly due to its location. Tourists landing in this airport will get a chance to go through a tunnel which goes through the city. This tunnel was opened in 2015 and now open for tourists landing in this airport. If you are planning to visit Toronto, it is better to land on this airport. It will save your time and money. Plenty of passenger planes land on this airport, you should compare the ticket prices of this airlines before booking a ticket.